Using apps with Xero or QBO for a best of breed solution-Unleashed

Virtually all the valid reasons preventing SMBs from making the move from desktop software (i.e. QuickBooks Desktop), to a cloud based solution are gone.  Over the past few years, SMB cloud based software such as QBO and Xero have improved the breadth and depth of “built-in” functionality, but the even more exciting has been the improvement of the add-ons that our now available.  By combining QBO or Xero with other best of breed apps, SMBs can achieve a depth and breadth of functionality that matches or exceeds what is available from a QB desktop solution.  Over the next few months we will discuss some of the apps that we recommend for SMBs that are looking to migrate to the cloud or looking to extend an existing cloud based solution.    

Inventory management has been the primary reason for many SMBs to stick with a local or hosted QB Desktop solution.  In fact, for many years, we were not able to recommend clients with inventory management requirements to move to a cloud based solution (unless they could afford NetSuite).  Finally, things have started to change.  Over the past few years both QBO and Xero have slowly added some basic inventory functionality.  The existing built-in functionality can be sufficient for some, but for SMBs with more robust inventory management requirements, an integrated add-on is the way to go.  The inventory management “app” that we often recommend (particularly for some of our food and beverage clients) is Unleashed.  Next week I will discuss some of the pros and cons of using Unleashed.  In the meantime, please visit our Unleashed page for more information and feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.

Christopher Hansell